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Secure and Convenient Transcript Requests

Introduction to Transcript Requests

Secure and Convenient Transcript Requests

As an alumnus of Hope College of Arts & Sciences, you have the ability to request official transcripts quickly and securely. Whether you're furthering your education, exploring new career opportunities, or need your academic records for any other purpose, we're here to help you access your transcripts conveniently.

How to Request Your Transcript

How to Request Your Transcript

Requesting your official transcript is a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps to submit your request and receive your academic records promptly.

Step 1

Verify your alumni status and personal information.

Step 2

Complete the transcript request form, ensuring all details are accurate.

Step 3

Submit any required fees for transcript processing.

Step 4

Choose your delivery method and confirm your request.

Processing Time and Fees

Understanding Processing Time and Fees

We strive to process transcript requests efficiently while ensuring the security and accuracy of your academic records. Please note that processing times and fees may vary based on the delivery method and any additional services requested.

Unofficial Transcripts Official Transcripts to Institution/organization Official Transcripts rushed processing
Cost: $0.00 $32.10 $20.00
Method of Delivery: PDF file to student’s email PDF file to student’s email PDF file to student’s email
Processing: 7-14 business days Within 3 weeks Rushed processing (24-48 hours) not for first transcript request
Need Help with Your Request?

Contact for Assistance

Need Help with Your Request?

If you have any questions or need assistance with your transcript request, our dedicated staff is here to help. Contact us for support, and we'll guide you through the process.


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