Mission & Vision at Hope College of Arts & Sciences

Nurturing Excellence in Healthcare Education

Mission Statement

Our Mission: A Commitment to Excellence and Compassion

At Hope College of Arts and Sciences, our mission is deeply rooted in a Christ-centered environment. We are dedicated to preparing qualified entry-level and professional nurses for diverse healthcare settings. Our commitment extends beyond education; we strive to foster an inter-professional learning environment that emphasizes critical thinking, evidence-based practice, leadership, and professionalism. We uphold the values of ethical behavior, human diversity, fairness, inclusion, and the integration of cutting-edge technology and a team approach to healthcare.

Vision Statement

Our Vision: Transforming Lives through Christian Principles and Quality Education

The vision of Hope College is to be a beacon of Christian leadership in the community, transforming lives through the power of faith, quality education, and strong partnerships with the southeast Florida healthcare community. We aspire for our students to excel professionally in the competitive healthcare field, leveraging the impact of research, educational programs, and professional partnerships.

Core Values Guiding Our Mission and Vision

Core Values

Core Values Guiding Our Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision are underpinned by core values that define our approach to education and community engagement. These values include a commitment to Christian principles, a dedication to academic excellence, a focus on research and innovation, and a strong emphasis on partnerships and professional development.

Engage with Our Community

Be Part of Our Mission-Driven Community

Join us at Hope College of Arts & Sciences, where education meets compassion, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. Engage with our community, contribute to our mission, and be part of our vision to transform lives and shape the future of healthcare.


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