Statement of Faith at Hope College of Arts & Sciences

Rooted in Faith, Growing in Knowledge

Our Commitment to Faith and Learning

Introduction to Our Faith

Our Commitment to Faith and Learning

At Hope College of Arts & Sciences, faith is the cornerstone of our community. We are committed to fostering an environment where faith and learning coexist harmoniously, guiding our actions and enriching our academic pursuits. Our Statement of Faith outlines the fundamental principles that shape our Christian values and beliefs.

Core Beliefs

Our Core Beliefs

Divine Inspiration of the Bible

We believe in the Bible as God's divine word, guiding us in truth and wisdom.

The Trinity

We acknowledge the existence of one true God, existing eternally in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Redemptive Grace

We trust in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, offering salvation and hope to all.

Christ's Return

We await the future return of Jesus Christ, bringing fulfillment and restoration.

The Church and Community

We recognize the Church as the body of Christ, calling us to fellowship, worship, and service.Demonstrate the ability to meet specific requirements for the chosen program.


We affirm the special creation of the universe and the sanctity of life. Undergo a background check.

The Existence of Satan

We acknowledge the reality of spiritual warfare and the presence of evil.

Christian Purpose

We are committed to living out our faith through service, love, and honoring God in all aspects of life. Complete the necessary entrance exam, if applicable.

Institutional Objectives

Institutional Objectives Rooted in Faith


Foster a culture of excellence and lifelong learning.


Promote integrity, fairness, and respect in all endeavors.


Advocate for the wellness and safety of our community.


Embrace diversity and provide opportunities for all.


Create an atmosphere conducive to spiritual growth and active ministry involvement.

Engage with Our Faith CommunitY

Join Our Faith-Filled Journey

We invite you to explore and engage with our faith-based community. Whether you're seeking spiritual growth, academic excellence, or a supportive environment, Hope College of Arts & Sciences offers a unique blend of faith and education.


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