At Hope College of Arts & Science, the Student Services Department is committed to enhancing the quality of experience for every student.  The responsibilities of the Student Services office include counseling, academic assistance through tutoring services, career counseling, and provision of job search options, computer lab services, library access, student email access, and student activities.

A representative from the Student Service Office is available during regular business hours. Appointments are available by calling 954-532-9614 or emailing

 The Library/ Media Center

The Library/ Media Center is a very spacious area containing a 1,000+ book collection and several computers for the students’ use. The library is subscribed to Library Intern Resource Network (LIRN). Users can access this resource from anywhere with an internet connection after the library has closed. Hours of Operation: 9AM to 10:30PM, Monday through Thursday, and Friday 9AM to 5PM.

  • On-site Help: Students at internships or in a clinical rotation or preparing for skills labs can access this online resource for quick assessment and consultation.
  • Homework Help: Students have access to cross-searchable resources. In addition, multimedia content can supplement and enhance learning by helping students better understand the information.
  • Test Preparation: This is used as a resource for students preparing to take the NCLEX-RN©. Students may use Nursing Resource Center to reinforce classroom learning, double-check homework assignments, and find additional reading and authoritative articles for research work in preparation to take the certification exam. Nursing Resource Center offers content that is geared to the education and research needs of nursing and allied health students.

 Entrance Exams

HCAS entrance requirements are: Academic test and/or preadmission assessment. All testing fees are payable by credit/debit card, personal check, cashier's check or money order. We do not accept cash.


Testing Schedule

School Assessment Testing: Thursdays 9:00AM to 7:00PM, and Fridays 9:00AM to 3:00PM


NCLEX Preparation & Reviews (current and Recent Graduates)

  • All course requirements must be completed with a minimum grade of C
  • A student has three attempts to pass the Exit Exam.
    • If the student fails the first attempt, they must complete the remedial course from NCSBN prior to sitting for the exam a second time.
    • If the student fails the second attempt will result in dismissal from the program. Student can appeal the dismissal
      • If appeal has been granted, student is required to return to HCAS for remediation for the following mandatory courses:
        • Medical Surgical
        • Maternity
        • Pediatrics
        • Pharmacology
        • Mental Health
      • A student that fails the Exit Exam the third and final attempt will be dismissed from the program without the option to appeal.


NCLEX Remediation Plan (For graduates who have not taken or failed the NCLEX)

Graduates, who have not taken the NCLEX exam within six months or have failed the NCLEX the first time, will have the following resources available to them, to guide them in passing the NCLEX exam: A personal approach where the students will return to the college are paired up with their peers that have passed the NCLEX.

Step 1. Develop an individualized review plan to address the students’ weaknesses.

Step 2.   Implement student review plan which may include but limited to:

A. Individualized and/or Group support sessions.

B. Free tutoring services relating to the content review.

C. Benchmark testing to identify progress.

D. Individualized conferences with student’s pre-during-and-post to discuss progress.


NCLEX Review Classes

Call to inquire about the next review schedule!

Feel free to walk in for a tour of our facility.


Tutoring Services 

Complimentary (FREE) tutoring services are available by appointment only with faculty or Student Services.  If a student needs assistance in any courses, we encourage our students to notify the Student Service Office to schedule a session with a tutor.  Regular class attendance is a prerequisite for tutoring.


Career Services

 Student Services also provide career services:

  • Assisting Students with resume preparation
  • Mock Interviewing
  • Cover letters
  • What to wear/not to wear for Interview
  • What to do after an Interview
  • Job search techniques

There are many written materials relating to interviewing, writing resumes, and cover letters that are available to all students in the Student Services Department.


**Hope College of Arts & Sciences does not guarantee employment placement to students.  HCAS does not promise or imply any specific market or job availability amounts.